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The present wave of spiritual revolution wherein people are interested in not only the Word but also the ACT, makes drama indisputably a formidable soul-winning weapon. FSM, via inspiring, thought-provoking movies, shares the Good News of Jesus Christ in an entertaining platform of cinematic excellence. Thus far, the FSM has produced about twenty ‘20’ films and television serials. We do accept supports to be able to accomplish the desired goals and vision given by God. We are a dedicated group that aims to promote faith and films in a friendly, entertaining environment.

As a sponsor, you are a critical component of the ministry’s success. Your financial blessings will help in the propagating of the Gospel through our movies. We shall send you our tax exempt form as a 503c (3) bearer. Please join us in sharing the Gospel and consider giving as generously as you can. To ensure that your giving is processed conveniently and securely, we have chosen to use PayPal to process our donations. Please click one of the links below to choose your giving type and amount and to connect securely to PayPal.

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