Movie: Due Season Back

Having asked his father for guidance and getting an instruction instead, Dan ignored his father's instruction and did his own thing. He found himself in trouble and expected his father to automatically rescue him but He did not. He waited, wondered, and cried and then finally goes back to his father to and ask why he would not just be a good father and help him. His father responded with a question, "What did you do with my last instruction?" Vivian needed God's intervention in her marital destiny but failed to carry out God's direct instruction because of fear of the unknown. Will God make an exception and grant her desire seeing that she prays, fasts and serves diligently in God's house? God answered Vivian's prayer the very day she prayed but years later she is yet to see any manifestation! If only she would take the step into her DUE SEASON and put her fears aside. Every season is released when we have carried out God's last instruction on a matter. Written by: Wole Adeyi Executive Producers: The Flaming Sword Ministries International, Dallas, Texas