Movie: Little Foxes Back

It’s not a serious matter; God should understand! Cheating, lying, scheming, and unforgiveness are everyday little foxes that are found in the lives of many. Pastor Joshua found that these little foxes were in the lives of ministering team members. What seemed “little” was heavy enough to keep them from being “caught up in the air”. Watch this sobering, stimulating, and transformational movie to see that all tender grapes are exposed to little foxes even Pastor Joshua. Pastor Joshua, a pastor dedicated to the call of the Lord feeds his congregation with the undiluted word of God. To his surprise, when the Lord opens his eyes, he realizes he has much more work to do especially amongst leadership. Pastor Joshua sees the tools the enemy is using, in this end times, to silently deceive people to think they are still actively in service of the Lord and they don’t realize they are no longer on the path to heaven. As secrets are exposed, Pastor Joshua finds himself in the midst of some issues; will he be able to put emotions aside and do what God has called him to do?
Written by: Wole Adeyi
Executive Producers: The Royal Priests Media of RCCGNA, Christ Church, Grand Prairie, Texas
Year of Production: 2013