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Dangerous Influence

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When the man in a home is led astray, guess who suffers? Rhoda, a faithful, devoted and praying wife is faced with great sorrow ad heartbreak as her husband; Clement Badmus strays from godly living. His life takes a bad turn in a downward spiral due to the influence of his companions and is caught in a web of iniquity.
Rhoda's faith and patience was put to test as she watches her home and marriage crumble as a result of a passionate moment of her own weakness! Tragedy strikes!! Does she loose it all? Is God able to save? Find out in this soul-moving movie that will have you glued to your seat and keep you reflective long after it is over...
Written by: Wole Adeyi & Mike Bamiloye
Executive Producers: The Flaming Sword Ministries International, Dallas, Texas
Year of Production: 2012