Movie: Strange Fire Back

A hold-your-breath ticking time bomb” Tired of being Praise and Worship leaders in a local church, and longing to experience the fame and glitter of stardom. Stanley and Bridget make a decision that would throw their lives into utter chaos. Armed with pride in their hearts and a feeling of self-importance, they fall into disobedience and manipulation, using the gift of God for selfish gain, and lying against the Holy Spirit as an alibi for their mischief. When confusion strikes and judgment comes knocking, who will they turn to? After all, they have turned their backs on the church and God, the giver of the gift. Is there still hope of salvation for these two? Is restoration even possible? Watch and decide for yourself!
Written by: Wole Adeyi
Executive Producers: The Flaming Sword Ministries International, Dallas, Texas
Year of Production: 2011