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Waiting for the Prince

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Impatience is like a drug, it drives a man to extremes. Nobody knows that better than Victoria, the beautiful wife of a great Prince, who had to embark on a very important journey alone, but promised to return shortly. To do this nerve-shredding waiting for no particular time frame, for her Prince, there can be no room for doubts. She had to thrive in an environment of zero tolerance for any error, and make it through with body and soul undefiled, yet temptations abound, while the glitz of the world beckons, and darkness looms all around her.

Would she make it? Would she wait it out? Would she fall prey to impatience and unbelief? Would her Prince keep his promise of returns? Find out the answers in this powerfully realistic, unrelenting and intense drama from the film stable of The Flaming Sword Ministries International.
Written by: Mike Bamiloye
Executive Producers: The Flaming Sword Ministries International, Dallas, Texas
Year of Production: 2011